You know, you don’t know what you’re doing, when you write a post and you lose that post within 3 minutes! Well, this whole blogging is certainly going to be an interesting experience.. I am lea-ann and I wrote that, somewhere else and I also wrote some other stuff about me, but I don’t know what I am doing = i lost it!!

Okay onto the journey thing..

Yes, it’s the usual story.. I am a mum and my time is divided, I come last, so this is for me.. I’ll tell it later, i have already spent too long here and its all lists lists lists in this house and they are beckoning..

I am wondering not just where but how do I start to get back to me? I know who I am, always have, floundering identity was never an issue. I make, create, dream and wonder.. I always have! But, life with a business minded husband has driven me in the other direction. Its time management, lists and goals! Don’t get my wrong – I love our drive as a couple, we get stuff done! However, its far removed from my original path and self!

Right now, I have a brand new semester in front of me (final year at uni tg), washing, dishes and 40 million other jobs to do ( to get to some dream home which is at least two years away and a totally different story) – Today, I am lucky enough to have some quiet time because my son is at school and my daughters visiting nana. What am I doing with this valuable spare time? Sitting here writing a blog and feeling guilty about the fact that I am not crossing things of my list! Wondering where do I fit on my list of to dos?

This blog has the potential to become a major procrastination object for me. So, to start my goal is to use this space to encourage and assist me to focus my creative energies Рone day at a time. First goal.. starting tomorrow..  create a creative space!

Now I am off.. lists, lists, lists and goals, goals, goals.. to achieve